The Long Way to London

>Written: 219 words / Target: 70000 words (0.31% complete)

Chapter 1

>Written: 219 words / Target: 7000 words (3.1% complete)

Friends and followers will know that I have spent getting on for five years working on Elin’s Story. The story has now crystalised out as a four (maybe more) volume series, and this blog is the latest branch off the main trunk. The first volume, tentatively entitled The Long Way to London, now looks as though it may actually see print in 2013.

This page is for everyone who wants to keep on eye on my progress (and and also by way of a spur for me).

It’s mid-January 2013 at the time of writing and my plan from here on is to post a daily status update on The most recent five updates will appear lower down this page. I’m also hoping to be updating the progress bars above regularly (if not every day).

Visitors may notice some changes. I’ve recently gone through a couple of months of drought – nothing written and no updates here. Today, though, I think I finally came to terms with rewriting from the beginning (yet again). Accordingly I’ve reset the progress bars above and I plan to make daily updates from now on.

For more about the progress bar see this blog post on my other website: At the Quill here. And for the html code to use for a progress bar of your very own, go here.

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