8th-9th October

Nothing added Monday, but today (Tuesday) I finally brought these status updates up to date. (That sounds like tautology, but I don’t think it is.)

3rd-7th October

Mostly stuff related to the blog. Among other things, started to upload these status updates from the old site. [This status note from memory.]

2nd October

Published my first teaser on the frontpage of elinsstory.com using my latest version of Elin’s portrait. [This status note from memory.]

1st October

Bought this domain address. [This status note worked up from my handwritten diary.]

24th-30th September

Much as last week on Monday-Wed morning. Broke off to help out setting up a stall at the Book Fair (not for me but for the club of Swedish language self-publishers of which I’m a member. At the weekend an old friend from Australia came as a houseguest which also gave me a good reason […]

17th-23rd September

Another patchy week. Some work on Chapter 1, some work on illos for the website, some looking at different software solutions, some navel-gazing. [This status note worked up from my non-electronic diary.]

10th-16th September

Patchy this week. Wrote to Nigel L. at Adel Pub. on Monday. For the rest of the week I seem to have been spending more time thinking about the website (this Elinsstory.com). [This status note worked up from my non-electronic diary.]

10th-16th September

Working on the first half of Chapter 1 of The Long Way to London. [From my handwritten diary.]

7th-9th September

Working on the outline for The Long Way to London and the as yet unnamed Part 2 which takes the story from September 1565 to May/June 1566. [This status note worked up from my non-electronic diary.]

6th September

Various developments. (See Elin’s Developments – blog entry At the Quill) [This status update originally published at thesupercargo.com]