18th October

Not much in the way of writing, but I wrote an Overview text and tried out a couple of new themes for this website.

What is Elin’s Story?

lin’s Story is three things. First it is the true life story of Elin Ulfsdotter who was born in Sweden in or around 1550. In 1565 she came to England as a maid-of-honour in the service of Princess Cecilia, the sister of the King of Sweden. When the Princess left England in 1566, Elin remained. […]

17th October

Wrote 592 words. Elin is struggling to explain her feelings and what she knew of her future before she left her family’s estate to join the court of Princess Cecilia. Created set of drop capitals to use on the website (for articles not status updates). Font is Viner Hand ITC, colour is iron gall ink […]

16th October

Wrote 420 words today. Elin’s mother’s plan to ‘turn me like a key in a lock’. Not so much but better than the zero production of the last two days. In the evening I did some picture research for the blog – looking for illos that are approximately contemporary with the story that I can […]

12th October

Not much achieved today. About 60 words written (and several times that cut). Some fiddling with the home page coding.

10th October

Not a terribly productive day, but at least I have found how to present these writing progress status updates on a page on this site. I’ve also instated two progress bars on the Progress page to show current progress on the novel and the chapter I’m working on.

8th-9th October

Nothing added Monday, but today (Tuesday) I finally brought these status updates up to date. (That sounds like tautology, but I don’t think it is.)

3rd-7th October

Mostly stuff related to the blog. Among other things, started to upload these status updates from the old site. [This status note from memory.]

2nd October

Published my first teaser on the frontpage of elinsstory.com using my latest version of Elin’s portrait. [This status note from memory.]

1st October

Bought this domain address. [This status note worked up from my handwritten diary.]