16th January

Two months of drought broke today with 219 words written (of the latest re-write). I also did some necessary maintenance behind the scenes and updated the Progress page where this post will appear for a few days.

9th November

Nothing more written, but I have been working much of today behind the scenes of this site.

1st November

I’m typing this at the home of Nigel Leech of Adel Publishing and of his wife Jenny. I’m stopping off here briefly on my current visit to England. Nigel has been giving me the benefit of his sage advice about Elin’s Story the Novel and Elin’s Story the website.

20th October

Not much to report for today and probably not much to add for the near future either. On 23rd I’m off to England for an extended visit mostly to see family. Travelling with computer but kind of doubt I’ll have much incentive – or opportunity – to write more for Elin till I’m back.

19th October

About 600 words written – though only for posts on the blog so no changes to to progress bar today. Devised a couple of new categories, but am having second thoughts now. I’ve also made a new set of drop capitals and a few more illustration to use in the blog.

Princess Cecilia

Princess Cecilia Gustavsdotter (Vasa) was born 6th November 1540 and died 27th January 1627. She was the second daughter of King Gustav Eriksson (Vasa) and his second wife Margareta Eriksdotter (Leijonhufvud).

Swedish naming practices

What was Helena’s family name before she married? I’ve come across more than one variant of this question on the Internet. It’s difficult to answer because it assumes that Swedish 16th century naming practices were the same as the ones we use in English today. They weren’t. Swedish naming practices in the 16th century were […]


Fyllingerum [pronounced FULL-ing-e-rum] was the home estate of Ulf Henriksson, Helena’s father, and the place where Helena probably grew up. It is located in Östragötalnd a few kilometres south of Söderköping.


Östregötland (East Gothland) is a province of Sweden between the Baltic Sea and the long Lake Vättern. The principal town is Linköping.

Helena, Marchioness of Northampton

Helena, Marchioness of Northampton (c.1549-1635) was born Elin Ulfsdotter (Bååt) at Fyllingerum in Östregötland, Sweden in 1549 or 1550. She came to England in the train of Princess Cecilia Gustavsdotter (Vasa) in 1565. She was probably a maid of honour to Queen Elizabeth I between 1565 and 1571 and certainly a lady-in-waiting from 1572 (at […]